Busted Up Sunday

Well Nat managed to face plant into Flannigan and Suzanne's glass coffee table Sunday morning. She was in my lap and when I bent over to grab Dade's crayons she just slipped right off and nailed the corner. She probably could have used a stitch or two, she's definitely going to have a scar and as of this moment could pass for a boxer for Halloween.

The ride home Sunday was brutal for all parties. Between Nat's eye and all that pain, plus two adults who had a little two much fun after the kiddos went to bed we couldn't wait to get home and pass back out. But as usual, Nat had other plans. Seeing the dogs totally changed her attitude. Plus she got some bath tabs from a friend and she had to try those out immediately.

We also got out a goody from one of her birthday bags. I think it was from Jack's birthday party. It was a towel that when placed in water it grew to its full size. These are also some of her new goofy faces by the way.

And just for documentation. This was early Monday before we headed to the Doctor. Not only did she bust her eye the morning before, she also has her first ear infection. Needless to say she did not start school today and we snuggled in bed after we got her prescription filled.

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