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Well thanks to Pinterest I've got enough crafts and DIY projects for a whole year. This weekend I thought we'd try to make Nat some new art for her bedroom. She currently has 3 large frames with baby pictures in them, that really need to either be updated or just plain replaced. And what better way to replace those precious pictures than with some art made by Nat.

I took one piece of poster board and cut it down to 3 pieces of 11x14. I taped off her name with painters tape and let her have at it. Supposedly once she's covered the board I can remove the tape and the white will spell her name. Easy enough EXCEPT my child doesn't just want to throw some paint around and make it messy. She's very precise. I'm hoping a larger paint brush will fix this because at this rate, we'll never get them covered :)

If we ever get them done I'll get you an after pic, for now, these are a "work in progress."

Just a random picture while we were goofing off but it does show how are eyes are no longer blue :( Just the very outer edges. So I guess she's got more of her daddy in her than we all originally thought..LOL

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Kim said...

I love doing this type of art! I do it with my kids at Easter and tape off a cross and let them have at it and then take the tape off. They are super cute