We've Got our Baby Back!

Saturday couldn't get here fast enough. We met my parents in West Memphis to get Nat back and I swear she's grown a foot and her talking has exploded again. I'll thank Kaitlyn for the latter. She came back with twice as many clothes and goodies than when we left her too, but I guess that's what Grandparents are best at :)

We were definitely more excited to see her than she was to see us. It took her about 10 minutes into lunch to ask about Bogey and Mulligan. Luckily we had already decided to meet up with the Clifford's to take the kids to the Memphis Zoo in hopes of distracting her until Sunday.

Sweetest thing that I just have to get down in writing so I won't forget. We are eating Mexican before we head over to the zoo and Nat leans into me and puts her arm around and says "Momma I love you." I got all teary eyed and then Byron says "Well Nat, what about me?" She reaches out her other arm and says "Daddy I can't reach you."

She's been my shadow every since we got her back and I think two weeks was a little long for her as well. She's also been calling Byron, Byron, which doesn't set to well with him..LOL

Now for some zoo pics. This place blows the Jackson Zoo out of the park. It's so much nicer, cleaner and the animals are way more active. Nat was really bummed we missed the Elephants but the Sea Lions more than made up for it.


Jennifer said...

I don't know if I could do 2 weeks away from my little girl! That must've been hard. My daughter sometimes calls daddy, Adam which he hates too! Great pics! I've followed your blog for awhile but I don't think I've ever commented before.

Flossie said...

We did the zoo in July. Dumb idea. I'd love to go back in the fall or spring when the animals would hopefully be more active. Also, LOVE Nat's shoes!