Rolling Down the Hill

Nat comes inside while we are in the kitchen and I look down and this is what I see...

So our conversation goes like this:
Nat what have you been doing? "Nothing momma."
Well, what's all in your hair Nat? "Just grass momma."
How did you get grass in your hair Nat? "I don't know momma."

She waltzes back outside and I go about my business. I figure if it's not bothering her and it'll come out in the tub, then why bother. But curiosity got the best of me and I just had to peek out the door. My child has found the fun in rolling down hills! You know we've all done it at some point in time. The hills behind our softballs fields and church were notorious for sending me home with red, itchy skin, night after night.

When Nat catches me peeking she ask me to roll with her. I try and tell her that it makes mommy itch. Her response? "Momma, it's grass, it don't itch." Like Duh Mom! So we compromised with me sitting in the grass and watching her roll, and of course, snapping some pics.

Imagine it like a little flip book.

And in case you haven't noticed, my "baby" isn't a baby anymore. I had one of those "ah-ha" moments while buying her tennis shoes Saturday morning. We set off to Hibbett to use Aunt Amy's gift card, got her foot measured and the child is wearing a size 9. I almost broke down in the store. Her shoes are literally a little mini version of the New Balances I wear and they are so stinkin' cute. She loves them so much she wore them to church Sunday morning with her outfit she has on in these pictures :)

Here's my "baby" all growing up on me.

Of course what's a weekend without some Bogey lovin'. She kept telling him to "say cheese" and would tug on his cheeks.

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Amy said...

I love my screen saver. Put it on immediately when I got it. She's love the outdoors, doesn't she?