Long Time No Post

That's what happens when your main reason for blogging goes on vacation for two weeks. Yep we let Nat spend two whole weeks with the Grandparents. NEVER. EVER. AGAIN. And not because she was spoiled rotten and probably got away with murder, but we bored out of our minds. Plus we might have missed her (just a little bit).

Honestly though, I don't know what Byron and I did before Nat. We did go out to a really nice restaurant for our anniversary and to a movie, but other than that we were probably in bed by 9:30 every night just from shear boredom.

Oh well, Nat had a blast. The first week she spent with Nana, Kaitlyn and a few of her Aunts at Ft. Walton Beach. Here's a few pics Marcia snapped.

Patiently waiting to go play at the beach.
Out of all the things Nana could have found at the outlet mall...she gets a tutu :)

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