Pool Time

Nat: "Mom, when it gets sunny and warmer, we get out that big blue thing?"
Me: "Nat it's to cold for that and windy. You'll freeze."
Nat: "No I won't, the sun is out. I promise. Let me go get my 'kini. Okay?"
Me: "Fine but don't come running to me when your freezing your booty off."

Sometimes you just got to let them figure it out on their own.

She got in, goosebumps and all. Not all the way and as the day went on the water did warm up some. Even the neighbor kids came over to play in it and I'm pretty sure Mulligan got a bath out of the deal too.

Once that fun wore off, away they went looking for lizards. Which are abundant at our house right now. We've got green ones, brown ones. striped ones with blue tails that fall off. I mean, it's hours of fun for the whole neighborhood!

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