Snow, not once but twice in MS? Who would have thought it? We'll believe it because we woke up to about 4 inches this morning and we got about 1-2 more inches by lunch time. I'm pretty sure Byron and I were more excited than Natalie, but we had to go out and play in it. She was a little better than last time, but didn't really like stepping on the snow and not seeing her feet.

Bogey LOVED it this time. He dug up toys burried in the snow and ran around like a maniac. Mulligan did ok. He mostly tried to eat it.

Layering up for the Big Snow Snorm of 2010. Doesn't she look thrilled?

Of course she's going to try it.

Our sad little snowman.

Front of the house.

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Amy said...

We thought the snow was beautiful this time. May get more tonight or tomorrow night. She didn't look to thrilled at the beginning...

Natalie - Have fun in the snow!