Dancing Makes Me HAPPY!

All it takes to make Natalie happy: a Christmas tutu, rainbow socks, sparkle shoes and no pants! You can imagine my surprise when she waltzed out into the living room with this little number on. Her personality never ceases to amaze me that's for sure.

Oh and thank you Uncle Nate for the play dough set. We have made cupcakes and ice creams cones so many times I'm just thankful I can't eat them and gain 10lbs.

And my favorite Christmas present...a new table that's actually comfortable to sit and eat at! After almost 3 years we have retired the high chair (that Nat has clung to so dearly) and are now making an effort to eating at the table as a family. She's even saying Grace for us and let me just say it's so sweet it'll make you cry.

Happy New Year to all my friends and family. I hope 2012 holds nothing but great things for all of us!

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Jennifer said...

I love when kids say Grace. Anytime my inlaws get together for dinner my nephew Parker (6) always says it.