Let the Fun & Feeding BEGIN!

I'm pretty sure Natalie has been looking forward to this day more than anyone. Although I had to assure her many times it was ok for Harper to eat cereal without any teeth. I also repeat this is the ONLY thing we feed or put in Harper's mouth and mommy has to be around when she does it. You just never know with her :)

Monday we mixed up some oatmeal, put Harper in her chair and let Nat have at it. She lasted maybe through two spoonfuls before she said "this stinks momma, you do it." She doesn't like the smell of it, probably because it's mixed with formula. I'm sure she'll want to try again when we move on to avocados, sweet potatoes and all the other fun foods.

Harper loves it and, surprisingly, makes very little mess. I swear sometimes during the day she smacks her lips like she wants more than just a bottle, but we are sticking to only 1, maybe 2 times a day for now.

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