Full On Christmas Mode

The stockings are hung, the tree is decorated and we have made our annual trip to Bass Pro to see Santa this year. Boy was that a bust. Nat talked a big game for the last 3 days about how she was going to sit on his lap and ask for a pink computer, some makeup, a mirror and lipstick but come show time she hid behind Byron's legs and refused to sit on his lap. Poor Harper feel asleep on my shoulder during our one hour wait and was very dazed and confused to wake up in some strangers lap but at least she didn't cry.

I was smart though and snapped a quick picture of the girls in their semi-matching outfits before we left.
 Santa 2012
 Once we got home and Natalie took a long overdue nap we finished decorating the tree. Notice Mully supervising. He loves to lay under it so I doubt I'll ever put any gifts underneath it.

Natalie only broke two ornaments, not to bad I guess. One was Byron's Redskins ornament  maybe Santa will bring him a new one.

Harper just chilled in her bouncy watching us do all the work.
Natalie had fun posing for Byron and the camera.


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