Fun in KY

We spent a full week in KY and enjoyed every minute of it. We saw two great firework shows, swam, had a few birthday parties, visited with everyone and ate more than one could imagine.

Natalie really enjoyed hanging out with Kaitlyn. Unfortunately they don't see each other too often. But when they do get together....they are a hoot!

It rained the first few days so we took the girls to chuck-e-cheese. Mine had never been but you couldn't tell it. They played all the games!

We had breakfast with Nan, Angie and Amy. 

The girls got to swim. Thank goodness Lynnley was with me to help keep up with them in the water! They even got their annual cat fix.

Natalie and Harper also rode in the parade. Harper made it to Granny's house before she had had enough (and saw me). But Nat was the cutest little hula girl, just a "whip and nae nae-ing" with Brady.

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