Beatin' the Heat

There's really no excuse for me not blogging for almost a month but I do have a few. It's hotter than Hades outside right now and going outside is just not an option. Even Nat will tell you "it's to hot momma", enough said. The one day it did rain last month we left the lid of her sandbox open and it's been out of commission for some time now. Plus Nat took a week vacation to KY to visit with everyone while Daddy played golf and Mommy worked.

However, things are cooling off (low 90s) and we have snuck outside a few evenings to blow off some steam. First up, Nat in her "moo-moo", it's was a night gown she found in the bags of clothes our neighbors gave us.

She has a love-hate relationship with Mulligan when she's mowing the yard or pushing her baby stroller. He loves to nip at the wheels and while she thinks it's fun to be chased she does not like it when he gets in her way. Which, inevitably, he does. He's 65lbs of solid (somewhat dumb) mass, he can't help it.

Nat also enjoys watering my plants with my watering can. Heaven forbid she use her can that's her size.

She loves posing with her new sunglasses and Bogey.

The sandbox is finally functional again too. It was like she had gotten a brand new toy when we told she could finally play in it.

The many faces of Nat...

Nothing completes a hot summer night more than splashing around in the water.
Gotta clean up some too.

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Flossie said...

Love the sandy hands holding her cheeks open. Kids just don't care what goes in their mouth, do they?