Lazy Sundays

It's almost cooled off enough in the late afternoon/evening to start laying outside on a blanket and stare up at the sky. Nat loves to watch for airplanes flying over. That's exactly what we did Sunday.

One of my new favorite pictures.

I was somewhat productive this weekend too. I finally got my frames hung in the bedroom. The large blank grey wall is no more, thank goodness, it was driving me crazy. Now I just have to decide which pictures I want to put in the frames.

I also wanted to throw in a little picture of Nat's finished table (or proof it's done). I love the way it turned out. It blends nicely in the living room and she's had a ball painting, playing and eating on it. Take that Pottery Barn :) Table Plans & Chair Plans

Nat insisted on helping Byron cook dinner the other night. Maybe some of his good cooking know-how will rub off on her. Cooking is not my thing, but I'll gladly clean up after them.
First up on the menu, sweet potato fries...one of our favorites!

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