Fireworks in September

Why not? We've have a small arsenal of smoke bombs and snap-n-pops leftover from the 4th and Nat found my stash over the weekend. Of course she's asked to set off these fireworks every day for the last week but I'm trying to ration them out.

We also use them to help her with her colors. Now I'm convinced the child has known her colors for some time now but her playful (stubborn) side comes through and she likes to tell us everything is pink! She also has to match them up and hand them to me in order, I have no idea where this OCD has come from :) Since her favorite "color of the moment" is pink, we tied a yellow and an orange smoke bomb together to make pink smoke. Bonus points for mommy :)

Our stash for Saturday. Notice the lizard in her cage? Yeah it's real. More brownie points for Mommy for catching the "daddy" of all lizards. I'm getting really good at it, even though I still shudder right before I acutally grab it in my hands.

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