Harper is Here!

Just a little photo bomb of Harper's first few days.

Nat's first impression. She loves her already and wants to help anytime she can. I think she was also relieved that they could both fit in Daddy's lap too. That's her favorite spot in the evenings before bedtime.

Harper got Natalie a Big Sis bracelet.

The ladies in the nursery fixed her hair for us :) And yes that's dark brown hair you see. Nat had the same color but not nearly as much. Harper's is a little thin on top but we joke that it's from where her head was stuck in my ribs for so long.

Getting ready to go home. The pants with the outfit wouldn't fit over her little butt. We've completely skipped newborn diapers too. They are to tight around her thighs. 

One very PROUD big sister.

Nat likes to feed her too but doesn't understand why it takes so long. She thinks she should already be able to eat from the high chair. 

Natalie also makes sure she accessorizes, hence the bow :)

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