Grandparents' Day

Big Big & Grammie might have just won the award for the most miles traveled for Grandparents' Day this year. But it was Nat's first Grandparents's Day and they just couldn't miss it :)

Harper was her usual self. Hard to keep still, just wanted down little stinker. She LOVES all the attention the teachers give her. They may be singing a different tune when she starts school there.

They 2-4 year old kids sang 3 songs for the grandparents. It was super cute. Stay tuned for a video of their last song. Nat has been singing it all week and it's just precious.

A few after pictures before we left. Nat was so happy to have them both there.

Typical Harper, but a cute nonetheless.
 Nat's new BFF, Kirsten.
And I actually remembered to get one of all us! We gotta work on Harper's picture taking skills.

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Amy said...

Love the pics with Big Big and Grammie. Can't wait to see you all. Hope all is going well for your craft fair. Love ya...Amy