Crafty! Crafty! Crafty!

I have found the best way to entertain Natalie on the weekends is to give the child a craft to do. She's not real picky so this weekend we made glitter ornaments. These are super easy and not as messy as one might believe. We bought a 12 pack of clear ornaments from Walmart, some all-purpose Mop&Glow and fine glitter is all you need (and a funnel will make things easier).

Pop the tops of the ornaments, swirl (don't shake) some M&G inside, drain, then funnel in the glitter (be generous) and let them shake the heck out of it. Please make sure your kids fingers are big enough to cover the hole though or you will end up with a hot glittery mess!

It's even more fun if you sing "Shake It, Shake It, Shake It" :) 

She was truly amazed that the glitter would stick and how pretty it was.

Of course we needed one to match her nails. And despite the look she is giving me she did enjoy herself. Once we put the tops back in she got to paint hers anyway she wanted.

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Jennifer said...

That's a fun idea! We'll have to try that!