Full House

This year Byron and I hosted Thanksgiving for his family down here in Mississippi. We had 6 adults, 4 GIRLS (5 and under) and 4 dogs! It was hectic but a lot of fun. Maybe it's the start of a new tradition? We ate a ton of food, did a little Black Friday shopping and even took the girls ice skating, more on that later.

Our little Indians doing some crafts while the food cooks. Don't worry, the 4th little Indian was just napping.

Harper ate her weight in food. I think she may have out eaten even Natalie. I think PaPaw cooked everything Natalie had on HER menu. The girls tried to sleep together the first night, but couldn't stop giggling. Nana always had someone in her lap and PaPaw was definitely Harper's favorite person to play with, even if he was under the weather.

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