Mailbox Madness

Every time around this year Natalie gets spoiled by the mailman. Since we've stopped going home to have birthday parties right after Christmas, almost everyone sends stuff through the mail. Now, even two weeks later, she still expects things to be addressed to her! Good thing Valentines Day is just around the corner. 

She got Big Big & Grammie's goodies a while back and couldn't wait to dig in. She kept asking "where's my box?" Little did she know she had a box and two extra presents to open after school one day.
The child is obsessed with Pistachios. Byron received some for Christmas and ever since she has loved them. Like eat her weight in them, love them! 

And of course she's still obsessed with dollar bills. We are trying to teach her what bigger bills are but she still counts them all the same. All I know is the child has a small fortune stashed away in her room.

Now for the gifts. Harper sat patiently by her side to open them. I was surprised, shocked actually, but she didn't try and steal the thunder. Maybe the sucker helped :) The lap desk she was so surprised about. She just can't figure out "how Grammy always knows what I wanted."

And this little tent that you color has provided hours of entertainment. They make trains for boys. I highly recommend one.

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