Spa Day

For Natalie's birthday we decided to have a spa day with her best friend, Kaylee. And I hope this was a day to remember. She not only got her first mani/pedi but she got her ears pierced! She was so brave and barely shed a tear. I was one proud momma!

We had a quick lunch at Chic-fil-A before heading over to the Posh Princess for mani/pedi day. They picked out some "bright" colors and plenty of sparkles for their fingers and toes. They even served powdered doughnuts and princess punch.

Natalie said afterwards the water "was really hot and it kinda tickled" but she liked it.

Now for the ears. We went back and forth as to which ones to choose. 6 weeks is a long time to wear the same pair so we settled on some pretty, simple diamonds, like mommy's.  

Biding time while the other lady checked out customers. We had decided doing them both at the same time would be best. She got a little antsy though.

And we are done. She did tear up a bit when the guns got kinda stuck and made a funny noise but she promptly got up and said "That didn't hurt but a teeny tiny bit momma!"  
We also found a pair of play glasses that look very close to mine so we bought those as a reward. For $7 I couldn't say no. No we are counting down the days until we can change them and looking for a jewelry box to store them in. :)

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