August Flew By

It's funny how time has slipped away from us these days. Between Natalie starting school and me gearing up for a 2-day craft show, we totally lost the month of August. 

To keep the kids entertained on these hot summer days we do lots of painting. Harper insists on doing everything like her sister. If Natalie gets to paint standing up on the "wall", well then, she better get to as well. So we set her up, far away from Nat, and gave her washable paint.

One of Byron's coworkers was having a bounce party for their oldest daughter. Natalie really enjoyed hanging out with Christina during the MS walk back in the Spring and, let's face it, she doesn't need an excuse to go to the bounce house.

This time was probably the first time Harper could actually participate. She didn't really care for most of it. She enjoyed just falling on the pillows and stuff until I hauled her butt up the steps and slid down with her. That's all it took. She wouldn't go by herself so I got the pleasure of carrying her little butt up more times than I care to count. My back was not very happy with me the next morning either. We would get to the bottom and I'd hear "again mommy?" as she leaned over to give me a kiss. She totally knows how to lay it on thick!

Neighborhood Day at the park. More bounce houses!!! These were more Harper's speed.

And of course any opportunity they can get in the water they will. Harper's finally found the courage to go down the slide....sometimes even head first.

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