Change of Plans

We were suppose to go visit friends this weekend for Byron's birthday but they came down with food poisoning. So that's been pushed back until next weekend. We HAD to get out of the house Saturday though. Off to the Whole Foods Kid's Festival. It was pretty fun. Nat got her face painted, tried her hand at kiddie-corn hole, and decorated cupcakes.

Natalie wanted to be a butterfly, pink, with glitter, of course! Harper looked at the woman like "if you touch my face, all hell will break loose".

We stayed for lunch since they were grilling hotdogs for the kids. But they couldn't wait to eat their cupcakes. Harper was quite entertaining.

Later in the day, we tried to go for walk. When I hear from Natalie "Mom, Harper's in the pool...WITH HER CLOTHES ON"!  I'm sure it won't be the last time. She was just chillin' blowing bubbles and "swimming".

While Byron ran out to Kroger for some last minute dinner supplies the girls were in a really goofy and somewhat friendly mood. 

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