Happy New Year!

Sorry a little late on the Happy New Year post. We didn't do much though. The girls were still in KY, we did go out to a nice dinner but went to bed by 10:30. 

And we haven't been doing much since the girls got back except adjusting back into school routines. Mother Nature had decided we should be blessed with some actual winter days and my I'll be honest my girls Don't.Do.Cold.  Harper's minimum is probably 50, sunny and no wind and even that's pushing it. 

We did Christmas put away and are working on planning a 6th birthday party at the bounce house. Otherwise we are just chilling inside, doing whatever we can to entertain these two goobers.

This little art set Santa brought has been a life saver. Funny story: It comes with those oil/pastel things and we'd told Natalie be careful with them, they stain, and don't let Harper have them. It never fails anytime we get the set out Harper never touches them but runs her fingers over them just taunting Natalie. She can push that girls buttons like no other :)
Baths. Even if they don't need them, are good for at least an hour as long as you pump a little extra hot water in there every 20 mins.
And Tuesday was our last kinda warm day. Byron's car broke down and while we waited the girls got hungry (of course). We drove down to Sonic and had a car picnic. Nothing like some tots, dogs and limeades to make the time go by faster.

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