Coloring Eggs

This is by far one of Natalie's favorite things to do. I'm pretty sure she's been asking me since Christmas was over when she could decorate eggs. Since it literally took all evening to boil the eggs Saturday night, we woke up bright and early to color them Sunday morning.

This is also the first year Harper has really shown an interest. Not much of one, but some.

They were so quiet and somewhat nice to each other. I kept waiting for Harper to hurl an egg an Natalie or sling some paint.
For the record, Natalie has on a FF Picnic shirt from 2009. It was meant to be a keepsake since that was her first. It's a size 2-4!  I don't even know where she dug it out from.
Harper started painting, would paint about half an egg and then start another one.  She was more interested in swirling the eggs in the cups with her spoon.


And of course it wasn't too long before the fun wore off and they were hungry. THEY. ARE. ALWAYS. HUNGRY. We had quite the spread, leftover biscuits and jelly, mini pancakes, sausage, hash brown and onions, but no eggs..lol
 Natalie evening did the dishes afterwards.

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