Deja Vu, In the Worst Way

Well Friday will go down in the books as one of the scariest days ever. I woke up Friday morning around 5:15 and Natalie was in the living room but totally disoriented. I tried to get her back in bed with us but after a stop to the bathroom I noticed that something was off...way off.

I woke Byron and we noticed every time we asked Nat to look in a certain direction she couldn't. Her head and eyes would only turn so far. She was completely out of it too when we asked her simple questions. We laid her down on the bed, called our moms, changed clothes, grabbed H and left for the ER.

In the car we buckled her in her booster and we barely made it out of the subdivision before she went limp and started drooling uncontrollably. Total panick sets in at this point. I unbuckle her, cradle her (checked for a heartbeat), and quietly prayed and cried as Byron rushed towards the hospital.

They confirmed she was actively seizing when we arrived, although she never actually shook. They started her on anti-seizure meds and we waited, and waited and waited for her wake up. The meds plus a seizure will make anyone super sleepy.

Every once in a while she would roll over, open her eyes then dose back off. Every time she woke she asked us what was on her arm (the iv). It was kinda funny, she reminded us of Dori from Nemo. It was like she had no short term memory, and you know, we were bored at this point.

We came home around 2:30 maybe. Hadn't been home 5 minutes when she vomited and told us she was seeing rainbows and our lights were green. Byron asked her how many fingers he was holding up and she would reply "I know you're holding this many (2) but I see this (4). Called the ER Dr back told him what she was doing and we immediately loaded back up and were admitted back into the hospital.

She stayed overnight just to be monitored. Her EEG is scheduled for later. She was some kind of grumpy the second go round. She hated her IV and picked at it constantly. We would tell her to stop or try and distract her and she told us "Well, I wish YOU had one of these things".

She couldn't understand why all four of us couldn't stay and sleep in her room which upset her. She was hungry seeing as she hadn't eaten all day. And let me tell you, nothing makes Natalie more grumpy than an empty belly :)

Saturday morning they chose not to do any test immediately. They think her second spell was a migraine which was probably a result of the seizure. They finally feed her breakfast and lunch since they took their sweet time discharging us.

Harper and I didn't go back up Saturday until we for sure had a plan. So we texted back and forth.

Byron tried to nap. Yeah right...

Lunch before we left. Natalie immediately looked at the plate "I am NOT eating that pizza momma, it looks gross." Harper from across the room, sight unseen, "I'll eat the pizza sissy."  So Natalie ate the salad, green beans and pudding. Harper chowed down on the pizza. Win-win!

And that's all we know. Which isn't much in my opinion. I hate not knowing what triggers these things or how I can prevent another one. I don't like feeling helpless and that's exactly how I felt  Friday morning.

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Flossie said...

How scary!! Praying you guys get answers soon. And the pizza incident TOTALLY would have happened the exact same way in our family.