It's a Good Thing She's Cute

You typically say this about animals, pets more specifically, that tend to get into trouble a lot. But they are just so stinkin' cute you can't stay mad at them for long. Well, I say this about Harper a good bit lately. I don't even know how to describe her or her expressions but God knows I love every bit of it (most of the time).

She loves her big sis, I know she does deep down, but for the LOVE she can push her buttons. I guess that's a "sister thing" that I obviously don't understand. 

We all love Bogey but I think Mulligan might hold the top spot in Harper's heart. If she ever moves out of her crib, we may have to get him some stairs so he can sleep with her. I told her he snores really loud and she said "like my daddy does?"

This is her mimicking Byron and I doing squats. Don't you just love her "dumbbell?"

The bubble Apocalypse. I'm about 99% sure had a little help on this one but she claimed "it was all me momma." But those cheeks, and that grin, how could you do anything but throw a towel down and laugh????

Me and my minis attempting a very blurry selfie :)

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