Yummy Milkshakes!

Friday we decided to venture out of our chips and dip comfort zone and try a new place. Well the food was not so good. It's sad when your kids hotdogs are better than your patty melt and burger. But have no fear their milkshakes more than made up for the sub-par food. 

Next time Byron says we should just go eat Pig and Pint around the corner then swing by and have a milkshake :) Our kids are so plain jane too when it comes to ice cream. Natalie wanted a "white" one, whip cream and one cherry. Harper wanted chocolate only.  But they both still ate a good bit of the Ginger Honey one Byron and I split.

They gave the girls hats to decorate. Natalie let me borrow hers. I still can't believe this little goober is going to be 3 in a few short weeks.
This is Nat's "freeze brain" picture. 

And not to be left out Harper & her chocolate shake. 

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