Almost 24 Weeks

I know my blogging has been slacking but I'm in full decorating mode (some call it nesting) on littlest B's bedroom. No she doesn't have a name yet. We have a top 3 but none of them have won us over just yet. This time around I really wanted to refrain from to much pink. I said the same thing with Nat and, well, she ended up with light pink wallpaper (which I love) and a dark pink room.

Baby B's room is already painted an aqua color that is so calming and I just love it. So I'm going to work around that. Not only are reusing all of Nat's baby furniture and our glider, I've also salvaged some of her sheets, changing pad covers and bed skirt.

Here's an idea of where we are going with the room: Lots of pink and other colorful fabrics that really pop off the wall color. I've refinished a nightstand shown in the middle, it just needs a second coat. Other things are inspirations I've found off Pinterest. White frames from Michaels, Hamper from drugstore.com, Touch lamp (must for late night feedings) from Wally World. Now the bottom 3 items are things I hope to make at some point, so no the baby's name is not Lilly.

And also for your amusement, here's a shot of me today, at almost 24 weeks.

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Flossie said...

Your belly looks so little! Mine is huge-mongous! Literally overnight I popped. As in, I walked into work one Monday morning and everyone was like, "Wow, you're pregnant!" I like the room. We're trying not to have the pink everything look too. We'll see how it goes.