Oh The Things She'll Say

I just wanted to "write" these down before I forget them. I'm sure you all will get some joy out of them too. Byron and I have definitely had our laughs over the things that come out of Nat's mouth as of lately.

1) I ask ever so often what she wants to name her baby sister, this week it's peanut butter. 

2) She's starting to understand there's a baby in mommy's belly as much as 3 year old can, especially since I'm barely showing. The other night my stomach growled and she told me it was a monster. She also thinks I can just pull her out through my belly button... if ONLY it were that easy.

3) She comes rushing into the bathroom as I'm getting ready and tells me she has to have that baby in my belly RIGHT NOW! I'm ask her why and she just gives me this irritated look and says "Momma it's nap time and I need that baby to play nap with me."  I try hard not to laugh at her but what do you say to that? She doesn't have much concept of time and I knew if I told her not until we set off fireworks she'd be begging me to shoot off smoke bombs everyday until July. 

Oh how I just love my silly little goofball :) I can't help but wonder what personality the next little Bryant will have :)

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Amy said...

That little stinker just cracks me up. I love seeing the pictures and hearing what she is saying from time to time. At least I get to feel like I'm getting to see her grow up... (just like I watched you) Love you all...