T-ball Was a Bust

Well t-ball may have not been our best idea. I think we both agree that maybe 3 is a little to young if Saturday is any indication of how the rest of the "season" is going to go. Let me just say in the kids defense, it was hotter than Hades at 2:15 and thank God the rest of the games are played in the morning. If not, I might have to claim I'm to pregnant for this mess and be done with it, and I'd also like to apologize for the pasty white legs I'm rocking. I honestly had no idea they were THAT bad..LOL

And to Nat's credit our first t-ball practice was pretty bad too but ended better and better each time after that. She was even excited to go see Riley & Emily, the only other girls on the team. So I'm still holding out hope that the games will follow the same route.

I got the privileged of playing with Nat this time while Byron took pictures. Not that he didn't volunteer, she was just in a I only want my Momma kind of mood, and we don't mess with those.

Warming up before the big game.

And then the fun begins, we try and bat. Nat wasn't having anything to do with that helmet. Therefore, we didn't bat. The on deck circle is as far as we got. I mean the thing slide all over the place and she couldn't even see but rules are rules, back to the dugout we go.
Fielding was better, but like I said it was HOT and the uniforms did not help the matter. Our team dropped like flies after the first inning. One boy's parents just took him home, we had to go get a popsicle, some just played in the dirt, but their 3 right?

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