All About Harper

What can I say? She's growing like a weed. One day she can barely sit up for 5 seconds and literally over the course of a weekend is an old pro at it. She's starting to use me as her own personal jungle gym. It's so funny, she gets done eating her bottle, rolls her head up at me, smiles real big and then begins the climb up my chest. She loves to give big, open-mouth slobbery kisses and EVERYTHING goes into her mouth. She's not much on baby food but we keep trying. I don't think she has any signs of teeth, but does drool excessively. She's doesn't "talk" so much but she loves to grunt. If she can't reach something she'll just grunt at it like it's suppose to know what to do.

She loves her jumperoo, even fell asleep in it last night. We tried to get the walker out but she's not quite tall enough to reach the floor. For now she has to settle with Natalie pushing her around so they can chase after Mulligan. She's ticklish everywhere. Trust me Byron has found all her sweet spots :) Natalie still adores her, but holding her is becoming more of a challenge. Not only is she wiggly she's about half of Nat's total body weight. To quote Nat "take her mom, she's getting heavy".

I think that about sums up where she's at right now. She loves her bath at the moment. She splashes and kicks.

Our two goobers. Yes that's the unfortunate nickname that has stuck in the house. They are often referred to as Goober 1 and Goober 2.

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Joy said...

But they are too of the cutest goobers I know! =)