Happy New Year!

I probably sound like a broken record when I say we had a low-key "this" or "that" but such is the life of a couple with an almost 4 and 6-month old.

New Year's Eve started just like any other day for Nat. We had to play kitchen and grill. Notice her veggies and potato chips perfectly aligned on her "grill". I think if I ever get around to refinishing that nightstand I might paint a little grill top on the top of it.
We did get out of our pajamas just long enough to run to the store for some last minute goodies. Natalie had to have a picture of herself in her new outfit Grammie got her.  

And the we needed one of Nat & Harper. Doesn't Harper looked thrilled? The closer it gets to 6 p.m. the more moodier she gets. I can't imagine where she gets that from, but the child goes to bed like clockwork at that time everyday unless we are out and about.
And as soon as she was out, Byron, Nat and I started in on making the AMAZING dessert. Byron has been known occasionally to hijack my Pinterest account. So if you ever see days where "I" have pinned a bunch of delicious and unhealthy food, it's probably him. He found this little jewel the other day known as Peanut Butter Brownie Trifle, aka heaven in a bowl. Natalie helped unwrap the massive amounts of peanut butter cups it called for.

Lots of vanilla pudding, brownies, peanut butter, milk and whipped topping were also used. It was so rich. I highly recommend cutting in it half unless you are taking it to a potluck, it made a TON.
She just HAD to get every last bit of whip cream out of that bucket. I mean look at that focus!

And after both girls were asleep we popped open a bottle of champagne and watched the ball drop. It was kinda of neat drinking a brand we had visited while out in Napa, although all of our bottles we purchased are still in Memphis with our friends. Happy New Year and here's to a great 2013!

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Joy said...

Happy New Year y'all!!! That dessert looks amazing!! Prayers for a happy and blessed 2013!