The Scariest Day Ever

Last Thursday will go down in the record books as one of the scariest days of my life thus far. I get a phone call around 12:45 that I need to pick Nat up from school because she's sick. I literally had just sat down with Harper and a bottle but told her teacher I'd be there right away. I literally buckled up Harper grabbed my purse (shoved the bottle inside) and took off. I just knew her runny nose had finally became the flu or something.

Now we live maybe 5-7 minutes from the school. I get a second call saying they didn't want to scare me but Natalie had had a seizure and they had to call 911. I was barely out of the subdivision and my heart stopped. They didn't want to scare me because the ambulance might be at the entrance when I pulled up. (Needless to say, I bet them there). I immediately start dialing Byron's number. He doesn't answer. I call right back, no answer. Third time I left a message and I'm pretty sure I was bawling when I hung up. I couldn't even find his work number in my cell my eyes were so blurred.

I get to the school and the first responders where already there and the ambulance was about 30 seconds behind me. Natalie was in the office and was just limp and lethargic. She didn't' even recognize me. I'll never forget her eyes looking so blank and glassy. The teachers were trying to fill me in, Harper was screaming because she was hungry and I'm sure she could sense my panic. The paramedics came in loaded her up, asked me some questions, told me I could ride in the back with her and we were off. Someone finally got a hold of Byron so he could meet us at the pediatric ER.

She was totally spaced out the whole ride to the hospital. We'd ask her questions and she'd just stare at us. I'm pretty sure she didn't speak to even me until we pulled into the parking lot when she told me her head hurt really bad.

From what we've gathered from the teachers Natalie started making noises during nap time. When Ms. Deborah went to check on her she immediately new something was wrong and scooped Natalie up and took her to the office. Ms Darlene then just held her on her side until she was done seizing. They believed it last between 5-7 minutes but I'm sure it seemed like an eternity. Luckily there is an part-time EMT in the 2 year old room that was able to assist until the others arrived.

Later that evening after a panel of test, blood work and a CT scan was done they let us go home. Natalie later told Grammie over the phone that (in her words) "I was taking my boots off, Ms Deborah was reading and my body started wiggling. Then my eyes went wrong and I couldn't see something."  She never had a fever that we are aware of either, at least not one high enough to warrant a seizure. We are scheduled for MRI and EEG on Wednesday but I doubt if we'll ever know what caused the seizure. I just hope it never, ever, happens again.

On a cute note, Natalie thought the CT machine was pretty cool. She told Grammie she got to go inside a doughnut. When Mom asked her if it had pink sprinkles (her favorite) she just rolled her eyes and was like "no Grammie, it was GREEN!"

Let me just say, thank GOD for the wonderful nursery workers. They took Harper immediately when I walked in the doors so I wouldn't have to worry about her. I mean they didn't even hesitate. The director even offered to take her home if we weren't able to make it before closing and went out and bought formula for Harper because I hadn't planned on leaving her. It was very comforting to know she was in good hands while Natalie was in the hospital.

So there you have it, a day from hell, that I hope never repeats itself. Natalie is back to her old goofy self. Her appetite has returned full force and she hasn't complained of a headache since that afternoon. We are in full-on Cinderella, Belle, princess mode in the house and I love every minute of it.

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Flossie said...

Oh my goodness! I'm sure you were a wreck! We'll be praying that her tests come back okay tomorrow & it was just a fluke.