All Caught Up

I think this should catch everyone up. Next week school starts so I expect lots of pictures (and tears) for that special occasion. I'm trying not to think too much about it. 

These two goofballs have their favorites.  I have a feeling when we get Harper a big girl bed Mulligan will have a new snuggle buddy.

Harper's teachers just love playing with her hair evidently. It's NEVER the same in the afternoon as I fixed it that morning. I have no idea how they get her to be so still. I do good to get a quick half pony done before I hear "ow mommy" "stop mommy" or just a plain "NO".

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Flossie said...

I sit Sydney on the counter in front of the mirror & give her the toothbrush. That will usually buy me about 30 seconds so I can fix her hair. (I've gotten better!). If I'm wanting to try something that will take a bit longer I pull out the big guns & give her my iPhone to play with. (Evil laugh...)