July Has Come & Gone

Before Big Big completely disowns me for my lack of blogging let's recap July. We survived the wedding (barely) and celebrated little miss turning 2 and me turning 30--something.

So from the beginning of our week in KY: 
We had breakfast with Nan, Amy & Ang the morning before the wedding.
Then the wedding festivities began around 2. Harper WOULD NOT leave my side. I ended up having to hide in the back of the KC Hall during pictures and before wedding. She bolted down the aisle when she saw me, no shoes or headband. Natalie was perfect (of course). 

Most of these are from Karla's phone. No pro pics yet.

Natalie totally photobombed Karla's family pic..lol

Tequila tasting :)

Nat and Jack solving all the world problems.

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