Harper Turns 2!

My baby is no more. She's a stubborn, sweet, goofy, ornery toddler. I don't know what to say about her. She's completely opposite of Natalie. She's received more thumps on her butt than Nat has in her 5 years alive so far. She's totally a momma's girl, which I love and hate all in the same hour. She speaks way better than Natalie did at this age and comprehends everything. Her expressions are hilarious. I don't want to say she has a mean streak but she's an aggravating little thing. Knows exactly how to push her sisters buttons. Her two favorite people on the planet are her Big Big and PaPaw. She was 34 inches tall and 25lbs at her well visit. She still has a big ol' noggin, measuring off the charts..lol  (I blame on the hair, you can't even tell it's been cut).

She'll eat just about anything in front of her, except bananas. She's starting to recognize her colors. Purple and orange are the ones she knows the best. She can kinda count to 10 with help, 7 is her fav number. She loves her some Mully and Bog Bog. She's getting closer to potty training. Favorite toys are probably her Elmo, baby stroller, any purse, lego blocks and puzzles.

We had a couple of parties while at home. One with Byron's side and one at Granny's. But I left my SD card in the bag so my pics are limited :(

The girls had so much fun together.

We stopped by Nan's too for gifts and to visit again before the 4th of July parade.

Parade Time! The girls racked up on candy, hotdogs and chips.


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