Annual Trip to Bass Pro

We had kinda procrastinated on the whole "let's go see and sit on Santa's lap" thing. Saturday we got there early (or so we thought) at 10:00 but didn't to get to see the big man until 12:30. Nothing like entertaining two little ones for 2 hours in Bass Pro, but we managed it. And although Harper didn't sit in his lap, she didn't cry either. I call that progress :)

The first thing Natalie HAD to do was shoot the guns.

We spent a lot of time "driving" all the 4-wheelers and boats too.

Of course I found the arts and crafts table which killed a good 20 minutes or so.

Our official 2014 Santa picture. Natalie asked for a new Barbie, and Harper meekly replied with Mickey Mouse and pizza. We may be eating pizza Christmas morning for breakfast!

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Flossie said...

You should TOTALLY eat pizza for breakfast Christmas morning! I love that she asked for pizza. Sydney loves it. But she didn't ask Santa for any because she refused to even look at him. I'm starting to think she & Harper were cut from the same mold.