Christmas Recap

We had a wonderful time in KY for Christmas. Once again, the girls were spoiled beyond belief. Santa brought the girls a new scooter and bike plus lots of other (mainly Frozen) goodies.

We started the trip with Christmas Eve at Nan's. 


Frozen was the them this year for sure :) We have new dresses, talking Olaf, skates, shoes, slippers, books, dolls. I could give the Disney store a run for their money.

Natalie's first pair of skates. Between and the scooter she better learn some coordination REAL QUICK!  Her little legs look like twigs sticking out from these big ol' skates.

Harper's first pair of heels.  I'm not quite convinced this one will have the shoe obsession her big sis does, but that may be a good thing, at least for Byron's bank account.

The hit of the evening by far was me singing karaoke. I mean look at Nat's face as I sing "Let it Go.." 

Christmas morning Natalie woke us all up, naturally. She's my early riser. Harper didn't appreciate that too much but a few gifts changed her tune.

Santa brought the girls and Byron Nerf sets. If Harper ever realizes these actually fire "bullets" he may be in trouble. For now she's content wearing her glasses and making a "bang bang" sound.

Natalie loves playing our neighbors Minnie Mouse guitar and Santa brought both girls one. We can start a band!

Meatloaf the Bulldog has been a big hit too. Santa may have to bring another one next year, or a golden retriever.
We headed over to Granny's later that day for more family fun, then to a Nana's a couple days later. I don't have many pictures. It seems like everytime I get to Granny's there is just so much chaos my camera is the last thing on my mind.

It was a great time. We even had some adult time and went out to eat with Nathan and Lynnley at BWW before coming home and playing marbles.

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