Christmas Party Time!

Both girls had parties last week. So after some last minute momma-made teacher gifts, two batches of cookies we were ready to rock-n-roll.

Natalie's was first and as room mom, I felt obligated to go. Good lord every time I step into that room I'm quickly reminded why God did not direct me to be a teacher. Bless their sweet little hearts :)

It was pajama/Polar Express Day. They were wound up tight and excited about all things Christmas.

 Natalie & Olivia

Kaitlyn, Olivia, Natalie and Amari peaking up in the back.
 Harper's was Friday. I didn't get to attend that one, which is usually better. I think she has more fun without me around, or at least participates more often. I can't believe they got her to sit in Santa's lap too! Go Ms Bree!

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