My Sweet Valentines

The girls had an awesome Valentine weekend. They received goodies at school, cards in the mail and they finally got their packages from Grammie & Big Big on Saturday. Natalie literally stalked the mail man truck all day waiting for them and they were not disappointed.

I can't even remember what all was in the baskets but they were crammed full. They immediately had to open the gum, blow bubbles and put on their sunglasses to serenade me.

For our Valentine dinner we decided to fondue with the girls. Natalie loves this and I'm not sure the last time we did it but I know Harper was young enough she probably slept through it all. I'm not going to lie, it more chaotic than romantic but they thought it was fun. I can't even count how many marshmallows Harper shoved in her mouth for dessert.

My 3 Sweet Valentines

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Amy said...

Harper what a face...