Valentines Is In The Books

This year I only had to make Valentines, no boxes. I'll admit I was little sad but we made up for it by making some treats to take to school.
Strawberry wafers dipped in white chocolate with sprinkles, they were so addicting.

Natalie decorated cookies and Harper & I played cards. Well we played something and I'm pretty sure I lost..lol  Sneaky thing kept hiding cards and shuffling all the time.

Natalie took Olaf's to school and Harper went with Mickey/Minnie Valentines. All ideas came from Pinterest.

We also had Natalie's Boosterthon/Fun Run today. Let's just say she did her 35 laps but she's not going to be my athletic one. 5 laps in and it was ... "I have dirt in my eye, my side hurts, where's the water, how many more?"  But she survived.

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