UK Basketball & Snow

Call us crazy but we never do anything spontaneous with the girls. But when you're given free tickets and a parking pass to go see the #1 team in the nation, it's hard to pass that up. Even if there is a winter storm warning across the state.

We loaded up the girls, snacks, an overnight bag (just in case) and headed to Starkville yesterday afternoon. 5 miles from campus and the snow finally started falling. We were over 2 hours early so we pulled into Buffalo Wild Wings and waited for awhile. Harper had never seen snow so she went out and played in it a bit. Which surprised us all really.

Harper did scream Hotty Toddy once during the fight song. As if it wasn't bad enough she was smoothered in blue, now she's yelling for State's arch-enemy. LOL

The girls LOVED the game. They immediately spotted Bully and Harper had to take her picture with him. I saw a ton of people from Mayfield/Fancy Farm. I almost hopped right on the bus with them. We had amazing seats. Nat couldn't get over how big they all were. And Byron swears Towns feet are the size of boats.

All in all, we are glad we went. It was little rough getting out of Starkville, but 30 minutes out we were back on relatively clear roads and no snow.

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