Girl Scout Olympics

Natalie decided this year she would give Girl Scouts (Daisy) a try. We missed the first meeting but her first event was so much fun. She talked about it for DAYS and wanted to wear her medal to school two days later. 

I hope this brings her out of her shell a bit. We rode down with two other girls and good lord, if the giggles and squeals were any indication, they have a ton of fun.

Semi-group picture with their little mascot, Emily. She just happens to be the same age as Harper (like days apart) and I didn't take H but those two would have had an awesome time together. She also made me realize that I don't have the most headstrong 3 year old either. She could easily H a run for her money ;)

Marley, Nat & Ella

This surprisingly was one of Nat's favorite events besides the relay, which she won a medal for.

There was only one event Natalie refused to do. It was called "Magic Carpet Ride" and as Jaquelyn put it "there isn't anything magical about scooting on your butt Ms Julia" So we cheered on the other girls and took silly selfies.

Wearing her medal the next when we went shopping. She talked non stop about it for days to anyone who would listen.

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