Uncle Nate Got Hitched!

Well we new this day was coming (and I mean that in a good way) but Uncle Nate finally got married! Lynnley was definitely already part of the family but now it's official. She looked gorgeous, and he was so handsome in his tux. Of course the girls looked beautiful too. I didn't take many snapshots, so these will have to do until the pro pics are out.

First up the hair. I'll admit I was a little nervous about how all the curls would hold up in Nat's hair. But they were still there the next day! Thanks to Terri Jo for an awesome job. Pretty sure we owe you a whole box of bobby pins and at least two cans of hair spray.
Harper is 0-2 as a flower girl. She loves the dress up and idea of it but has yet to walk down the isle. Maybe next year, Brenton will be the lucky one.

Half way decent family pic before the actual ceremony.
And the time Nathan almost cried (according to him) was when Nat turned the corner with her sign. 
Like I said, I totally slacked on the snapshots. But we did the cha-cha, nae-nae and every other dance afterwards. It was a beautiful ceremony with all our friends and family and now they can start their happily ever after!

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