Fall Fun

As I'm making last minute Halloween costumes for the girls I realized I signed up for "treats" for H's Halloween party. Thank God for Pinterest, I mean what the heck did we do before that little gem? 

It doesn't get much easier than this. Other than pulling the lids off the pudding cups and sticking the ghosts in the "booty" with sticks, the girls made these themseleves.

Ingredients: Ghost marshmallows (I looked for Peeps but couldn't find any), Oreos, Pudding Cups, Candy Corn Pumpkins and cake pop sticks.

Crumble the cookies. The thin ones had less icing so they crumbled better.
Let your perfectionist of a 6 year old decorate marshmallows with a happy face. It blew her mind that they made markers you could eat.

Sprinkle crumbled Oreos on top of pudding. Insert sticks into "booty" as Harper kept calling it, and decorate with a little pumpkin.

I swear getting a smile from both at the same time is impossible.

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