A Week in Pictures

These are all from my camera phone and kinda shows you what a typical week around here looks like. 

The first night with the splash table. Despite Natalie's face, they both love it.

Chick-fil-A after Harper's 1 year old appointment. Typical slide shot. Harper trying to go up while Natalie slides down.

Random goofy afternoon of us reenacting Madagascar 3 and finishing up Uncle Nate's smoke bombs and sparklers.

I just don't have words for Harper sometimes. This past week I have found her pretending to eat out of Natalie's bowl she left on the coffee table, standing IN the fridge and climbing on top of the coffee table using Natalie's rocking chair. I swear y'all, when things get quiet in the house, she's up to something. I thought I had lost her one night and she was at the top of the steps again. Funny thing is she was up there, in the dark, super quiet. I walked by there twice and she never made a peep until I turned on the lights. She's already better at hide-and-seek than Natalie is!

And a special thanks to Amy and Mike for this little bike combo. We haven't taken it outside yet but the girls have loved pushing/riding it in the house.

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