Fishing, Fireworks and One Last Party

I don't know that Natalie had ever been fishing before this week, but leave it to PaPaw to remedy that. Kaitlyn was also sweet enough to let her borrow her princess fishing pole for the special occasion. Does the pink princess obsession ever end?

Kailtyn and Natalie studying the bait. Kaitlyn was convinced the worms were caterpillars. And Nat flat out made sure everyone knew she would not be smelling the stink bait, touching the worms, baiting the hook or removing any fish. That's my girl! We'll catch lizards all day long but heck no to baiting my own hook.

This is the crew trying to figure out what the hook is caught on. Heather was the lucky one who had to get down on her stomach to untangle it.

Harper and Kendel preferred to play on the Kubota, in the shade. Smart girls.

Of course no trip to Nana's is complete without a full on, tutu wearing, dance party. Nana is going to have to make a few more tutus in the near future.

On the actual 4th we went to one of Vann's friends for some awesome food and an amazing fireworks show. Harper stayed with my parents and it's probably a good thing. She would have been way overtired and possibly scared of the noise. Plus it was nice to have some one-on-one time with Natalie. She got to jump on the trampoline, dance, eat and roll down grassy hills a few hundred times.

Before Mom and Dad came and got Harper we had one last little party with Kaitlyn and Kendel. I mean someone had to finish off all those cupcakes right?

Once again, Nat's all mother-hen like. Right by Harper's side for the candle part.
 Silly cupcake faces
About as dirty as Nat would get.

Now the many faces of Harper. I just love her expressions these day. Sweet, serious and mean, she has them all covered.

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