It's Getting Hot Out Here

With temps topping out around 90 or higher, we don't do much outside during the day. For two reasons, the heat obviously, and the damned mosquitos. See they've even drove me to cussing. I despise them, but they LOVE me and the girls. 

Natalie has always seemed to be oblivious to heat and Harper is following right in her footsteps. She gets so mad when I let the dogs out and she can't follow. Even worse, when Kaley and Natalie run back and forth all evening and she's stuck peering out from the windows. 

But every now and then I'll give in, cover up in bug spray and we go outside until we almost pass out to play. She loves Nat's playhouse and has already figured out how to ring the door bell. She'll crawl up in there and play peek-a-boo through the windows. Even Mulligan gets up in there with her. 

The water table really is a saving grace. She'll splash around in it, the dogs occasionally drink from it and they all just have a blast. I've put towels down to help with red knees, but honestly, she could care less. 

She is always standing on her tippy-toes, silly girl. 

She has started crawling more like this. With one foot and one knee. I can't tell if it's because of the pebbled concrete or maybe it's the final step before walking.

She'll let you know real quick too when it's time to go back inside by banging on the door and squealing.

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