Parade and Parties!

The girls and I drove home for a week full of parades, parties and fireworks. It was so nice to go home and not be rushed to see everyone. I'm pretty sure Harper got the best deal out of the trip. We her birthday 3 times that week, and let me just say, that child can put away some cupcakes :)

Our first stop was at Granny's for the annual Fancy Farm Parade. Since everyone (on mom's side) was already there we decided to Harper's party afterwards. 

Nat patiently waiting for the parade and for the boys to come back to play with her. Next year we will just have to throw her up on the float, I don't think they would have minded. I apologize for the actual parade pics being blurry. I was trying to hold Harper, Nat's candy bag and take pictures at the same time. 

The best pics I could get of their two 4th outfits.

Time to party. I have to admit I was having major guilt for not going "all out" for Harper's first birthday. But I did make a few decorations and thanks to Lynnley and Nathan we had a ton of cupcakes. Natalie helped make the Uncle Sam ones :)

Guest of honor about to get the biggest cupcake ever all to herself! The clean, pretty "before" shot.

Natalie was so worried she would burn herself, so at each party she was on top of blowing that candle out before Harper got anywhere near it. 

She knew exactly what to do with that cupcake!

  Clothes had to come off before we started family pics. I mean that outfit I worked so hard on wasn't about to get ruined :)

First up, godparents, Lindsay & Brenton.
 Then there was Uncle Nate and his girls and then Grammie. Her poor knee almost gave in before we were done.

 Granny and Karla snuck in there too.

Present time...

Most of the other kids were too busing "making it rain" with snap-n-pops or setting off smoke bombs and sparklers. All in all it was nice day hanging with family, eating good food and it ended with an awesome fireworks show.

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