Goofy Girl

Harper is turning into a little goofball. Her vocabulary is exploding, along with her personality.

Byron was out of town for work most of last week but H was there to help with the dishes. She loves putting the silverware away. She'll ask "I help momma? Harper (sounds like Hopper) help?"  Of course we can't find any spoons for 2 days but that's ok. ;)

We get ready to run errands and eat chips and dip Saturday and this is what she insists on wearing out of the house. It was 75 degrees outside mind you.

Sunday her allergies started getting the best of her. She was basically glued to my hip and super fussy. I had a couple of dresses to finish up and the only way to keep her occupied was to let her have access to all my sewing supplies. It looked like a tornado had blown through my sewing room.

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Joy said...

She's so cute! And, I think she's excited about colder weather! She's just wishing it would hurry up and get here.